Thursday, February 24, 2005

2/21/05 movie:trembling before G-d

trembling before g-d was a movie primarily about when your sexuality conflicts with your religion, specifically focusing on the jewish community of orthodox jews.

something that surprised/i didnt understand about this film was that if these people were so conflicted between there sexuality and there religion, why couldnt they just walk away from one. which i understand is completely ridiuclous and unfair. i am not a religious person, and if i was i would probably understand this problem more. its just their religion directly conflicted with their sexual practice (except for the case of one orthodox jew where he was able to read the torah and other religious reading differently). its something that almost angered me. especially in the case of the one man that traveled back to israel to meet with someone about his sexuality. he wanted to be told it was ok to go against what his religion said and this other man told him he couldnt tell him what he wanted to hear. i think that it is incrediably unfair that he had to chose one or the other, but i think he refused to make this choice and he just lived in pain trying to accept both.

the man named israel stopped practicing orthodox judaism because he was gay. this was his way of dealing with his conflicting religion and sexuality. i think this is what i mean by walking away from one. but im sure he was still a religious man. and it is unfair that he had to choose, but he was able to find love and he can still have religion, unfortunalty its not among the orthodox people.

it makes me really sad to think that people need to make such a decision.


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