Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"What's the big whoop?!" ~a 4th grader on homosexuality

it's elementary!

i really enjoyed this movie. i thought it was wonderful how the younger students were so open and ready to listen and understand the issues surrounding homosexuality in our society. it wasn't that surprising, however, to see that when they began talking to the eighth graders that prejudice was already present in these students. perhaps this is because they have been in the world longer and are able to take in more the ideas of their own friends and families.

i think it is a really good idea to bring in sexuality education into younger classrooms. as the movie showed, younger children are developing and so willing to embrace everybody. teaching tolerance at a young age will result in a more educated, tolerant mature adult. also, through out history, 0ther issues have been brought into classrooms meant to have a similar effect. black history month was one example of minority education celebrated at my school. women's suffrage history was also celebrated at my school. both of these examples show that tolerance is already being taught at young ages, why not add sexuality to this?

something that bothered me during discussion was the concept that if all gay people came "out of the closet" then the gay community would be better off. no doubt that if there were more vocally gay people, there would be a stronger force behind the struggle, however, this isn't necessary. the gay community that exists shouldn't be concerned with numbers, but educating the intolerant masses in our society. women and african americans gained rights without having every single women and african american behind the movement. i think that asking people to come out of the closet just to support a movement is wrong. "coming out" is about self identity and realization.


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