Tuesday, April 05, 2005

4/4/05 Film: Matthew Sheppard story on 20/20

i found the reporting of this event quite disturbing. i think the discussion and comments after the film similarly reflected how i felt about it. the reporter kept leading the people she was interviewing, the people she interviewed self admitted that they lied about the "facts" before, the contradictions were not questioned. it made absolutely no sense.

the story they were trying to push was that drugs were the cause of the matthew sheppard murder, not hate because he was gay. drugs are an external factor, not an internal, moral issue as is the case with it being a hate murder. if it were drugs, it would be easier for people to understand and confront. no one wants to think that such a horrible thing could exist as unmoral, unimaginable hate crimes.

i was a bit confused at the beginning of class when professor schnieder was talking. but when she put things in real life context, everything began to come together. it seems strange though to think that the ultimate goal of equality and peace would mean that all things different, everything that is not your view, needs to be destroyed. that everything exists on a group level and my individual opinion doesnt matter. for the group to survive and maintain all of its rights and beliefs, there can be no others.


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