Tuesday, April 12, 2005

SLP meeting

today i met with the group im going to be working with for my SLP. we are putting up a photo exhibit called "love makes a family". this exhibit i think was actually shown in the film we saw called "its elementary". the exhibit was able to be brought to the school through funding by the vice presidents grant for diversity. the photos are of glbt people and their families.

at the meeting today, we decided to get together on sunday to hang the exhibit in milne on the main floor. this way people will be able to access the photos easily and be able to get close enough to read what each photo is about. i am helping to hang posters up on campus to get the word out on the exhibit. we are also reaching out to the community by asking local businesses to hang up the posters as well. someone is contacting the local schools to let them know of the exhibit.

i will be making a guest/comment book for the exhibit. this way we will be able to get comments from those that view the exhibit. we will be able to assess what this has done by bringing the show to geneseo.


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